Mystery Boosters Coming Soon!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The next new set for Magic: the Gathering is a little treat for fans of limited (with plenty for constructed players too.) Mystery Booster features a mind-boggling 1,815 cards, putting the previous record for largest set (5ED at 454) to shame. Each of the 15 slots in a pack has a full sheet of 121 unique cards to pull from, so every draft is going to be very different from the last.

Also, since each slot has the same number of cards to pull from, all the cards are functionally the same rarity! Sure, the set has commons and mythics, but in practice Shambling Goblin and Thrun, the Last Troll are just as likely to show up in a given pack.

That brings me to the next thing: Not only is this set all reprints, but there are some exciting ones! From the classics such as Birds of Paradise to Commander favorites like Teferi's Protection to our big money card: Mana Crypt. From the high-demand cards to the rewarding play experience there's plenty of value to be found in Mystery Booster!

Come to our release draft March 13th at 6:00, or bring your friends to draft on demand (while supplies last.) Only $20 with two packs per person in the prize pool, plus promos.

Or just crack some packs!

$5.99 for one or $100.00+ tax to preorder a box.

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