Meet The Team




Wayne is a self-employed contractor who opened the Dragon's Lair to share his love of sports cards with other collectors. He has been playing Magic and Dungeons and Dragons for over twenty years.

Favorite board game: Risk

D&D character: half-orc barbarian

Comic book: Red Sonya/ Tarzan

Magic deck: WR Kithkin/Giants


Co-owner/ Manager

Jen was a substitute teacher for over ten years before making the Lair her full-time job. She has been reading comics since she discovered the Sandman series in college, and loves recommending new titles to readers.
Favorite board game: Kingdomino
D&D character: halfling bard
Comic book: Saga
Magic deck: UB faeries


Weekend Warrior

Julie grew up at the Lair, playing Friday Night Magic with us every week through middle and high school. Her knowledge of Magic is matched by her skill in the game, making her a valued member of our staff. 
Favorite board game:
D&D character: dungeon master
Comic book: RWBY
Magic deck: UR Phoenix