About Us

A Place Where Friendships Begin

The Dragon's Lair opened in 2007 with the goal of creating a space where everyone was welcome. In the beginning, we focused on trading card games and role playing games. Over the years, we have added sports cards, comic books, board games, and paintable miniatures to our selection. We've also grown physically, tearing down the wall that once divided the building into two retail spaces. We now fill the first floor of our building, with seating for 24 at tournaments and a dedicated room for role playing games.

Our story stretches back to 1996, when owner Wayne Goodall opened Goodall Sports Cards in the space where the Dragon's Lair would one day be. He created a thriving community of collectors and gamers, including the group of friends who would one day open the Lair. Unfortunately, an illness caused Goodall Sports Cards to close in 2003. The friendships that were formed there remained, and it wasn't long before the dream that became the Dragon's Lair was hatched.

Our Building

The Dragon's Lair is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Norway's historic downtown district. Built in 1894, the year of the great fire that destroyed most of the downtown area, our building's facade still has all of its original architectural features. Longtime residents of the area know the building as the home of Fletcher's Candy Store, which made and sold candy here from the early 1920s through the 1950s. In fact, the words "fresh caramel" can still be seen on our window when the light is right!